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Time of the test: 1 hours
Questions count: 3

CAPR: Neuropthology


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The physiotherapist determines that the patient's SpO2 levels drop significantly during mild exertion. What precautionary measure should the physiotherapist take?

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When addressing the patient's gait training, which of the following factors should the physiotherapist primarily assess?

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The patient's fracture healing is in the stage of callus formation. Which of the following exercises is MOST likely contraindicated at this stage?


Time of the test: 1 hours
Questions count: 5

CAPR: Musculatory

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A physiotherapist works with an 12-year-old boy with Down syndrome. The physiotherapist determines that the patient has abnormalities in muscular tone consistent with the diagnosed condition.

What type of muscular abnormality is commonly observed in children with Down syndrome?

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What potential long-term complication should be considered if a scaphoid fracture is left untreated?

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Which of the following interventions would be most appropriate in the acute phase of managing a suspected scaphoid fracture?

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The localized tenderness in the anatomical snuffbox suggests a possible injury to which of the following structures?

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A 70-year-old female presents to the physiotherapist with persistent pain around the base of her right thumb after falling on her outstretched hand two weeks ago. The therapist finds that the anatomical snuffbox has localized tenderness

What would be the proper management for this patient?


Time of the test: 1 hours
Questions count: 4

CAPR: Ethics

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During the gait training process, the physiotherapist is focusing on which aspect of the patient's healing to ensure appropriate rehabilitation and prevent further injury?

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A 34-year-old male rehabilitating from a motorcycle accident is brought into a clinic for gait training. The patient sustained a fractured tibia. The patient is partial weight-bearing and has good upper extremity strength

What type of assistive device would be most appropriate for a patient who is partial weight-bearing with good upper extremity strength during gait training?

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. The physiotherapist notices a difficulty in the patient's gait, particularly related to foot placement. Which of the following orthopedic concerns is common in children with Down syndrome and might contribute to these observations?

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When working with a child with Down syndrome, the physiotherapist must be mindful of certain anatomical considerations. What specific anatomical characteristic requires careful monitoring in this population?



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